From the recording Voyagers

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(Michaela Rabitsch & Robert Pawlik)
Michaela Rabitsch, vocals and trumpet
Robert Pawlik, steel-string acoustic guitar
Joe Abentung, doublebass
Dusan Novakov, darbuka and drums

We composed this song after playing at the wonderful festival „Jazz au Chellah“ in Rabat/ Morocco, where we heard a lot of arabian music and also played together with great musicians from Morocco, and, of course, visited the old city of Fez! Stepping into the medina of Fez immediatly throws you back to medieval times - a great impression. Hopefully the song can help you to imagine this.


Seven Ways to Fez

I know seven ways to Fez – but I don’t show you
Hide my seven trails to Fez – ’cause I don’t know you
Conceal in seven ways my face – ’cause I don’t trust you
Lock in seven ways my place – and it is just of you
I cry seven prayers each day – but I don’t need you
Go with pride and grace away – would never plead you
Walk in seven days without a trace – back to Fez